About us

A relocation to a foreign country can feel like sitting in front of a jigsaw that is turned upside-down. Schmid Relocation is here to support you get the pieces in the right position and build your new home abroad. The purpose of our business is to make your move effortless.

Since 2007 we proudly serve business and private clients transitioning to Switzerland. We are a group of competent specialists with personal experiences of living abroad and thus, relocating. We know what it means to move to a foreign country and our broad experience makes us experts in the field. The ReloTalent tool steers our services, guaranteeing the highest level of professionalism and security when handling your data. Our offering contains standard packages but also tailored solutions. Whichever solution fits your needs, we look forward to supporting your seamless move and introducing the beautiful Swiss country and culture to you.

In 2015 Schmid Relocation GmbH expanded its regional coverage due to a partnership with Prime Relocation GmbH in Zug.

Every member of staff is chosen for their own personal experience of living abroad and facing the upheavals of relocation, as well as their people skills, efficiency and attention to detail. Today a team of relocation specialists attend to our customers’ every need. We regularly participate in relocation conferences and partake in industry trainings to keep us up-to-date and ready to provide our “competent and careful” service in a very personal manner.


Katharina Kägi, CEO & Partner

« I was born and raised in Winterthur. My training and professional career as bank clerk in the international banking sector has taught me intercultural competence on a high level. Private and professional stays as well as charitable activities in different countries showed me the difficulties of moving to an unfamiliar place. Since 2013/2015 I have been CEO and partner of Schmid und Prime Relocation GmbH.

I do speak fluent German, English and Spanish. »

Pascale Arn, Operations Manager & Relocation Consultant

« My interest in foreign cultures made me travel to different continents for some months in 2018, a priceless school of life! As trained retail sales expert, who was raised and lives in the Zurich highlands, the concept of service is of primary importance to me.

I do speak fluent German and English and do have a good understanding of French. »

Polina, Immigration Specialist & Lawyer

« As a born Russian I do live in Switzerland since 2012. I studied business management and law in Russia. Furthermore, I made a master in ‘management and law’ and further education in the field of ‘fiduciary and accounting’ in Switzerland. Meanwhile I was working as a lawyer in various Swiss companies.

I do speak fluent Russian, German and English. »

Nicole, Relocation Consultant

« I have lived in various countries and experienced first-hand the challenges of adapting to an unfamiliar place. I grew up in the city of Zurich and currently live with my husband and 3 children in a small city on the banks of the lake of Zurich, understanding the region, its real estate market, government administration and school system.

I do speak fluent German, English and Dutch and do have a good understanding of French. »

Catherine, Relocation Consultant

« I was born and raised in Zurich. Following a commercial training, my interest in foreign cultures made me work as tour guide in different countries. After my activity as public relation officer I moved to the relocation business in 2006.  I live in Zurich-Höngg with my son.

I do speak fluent German, French and English and do have a good understanding of Italian. »

Silke, Relocation Consultant

« As trained economist and native German I moved to Switzerland in 2005. In the year 2011 I had the chance to accompany my husband on his four-year foreign assignment in Mumbai, India. As expat in a foreign country I went alone – without a professional relocation service – through all the ups and downs of an international deployment.

I do speak fluent German and English and some Spanish. »

Emma, Relocation Consultant

« I was born and raised in London, UK but moved to Zug, Switzerland with my family in 2001. In 2006 I became President of the International School of Zug (ISZL) Parents Association and later returned to my previous career in Investment Management. My 3 children have grown up in Switzerland and have attended both International and Swiss Schools giving me a unique insight into the different education systems. They are all now at UK Universities.

I do speak fluent English and some German. »