General House Rules in Switzerland


In order to establish a good consensus among all tenants, everybody is committed to mutual consideration. Every member of the household is to follow the house rules, which you will receive from the landlord / agency in writing.


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Noise is to be avoided, especially at night. Playing musical instruments is not allowed before 8am and after 9pm. Noise should be kept to a minimum so as not to disturb others. Do not mow the lawn during lunch and dinner times as well as after 5pm on Saturdays and all day Sundays and public holidays. In some apartment blocks washing is not permitted on Sundays because of the noise created by the washing machines.



Tenants are asked to keep the stairs, entrance and other common rooms free of obstacles and tidy. Unless a caretaker is in charge of the cleaning of common areas such as staircase, cellar aisles, the tenants should take care of it themselves. Each tenant should clean his/her part of the staircase (including windows). The clearing of snow is to be carried out by the tenants on a weekly basis. Tenants of garage or parking spaces are to clean the garage area and need to clear the snow to one side.


Common shared rooms

Unless arranged otherwise, laundry rooms and their appliances are to be used according to a schedule provided by the landlord. Each tenant is entitled to sole use of such rooms during the appointed times (Usually on weekdays between 7am and 10pm). After use, the rooms and appliances are to be cleaned. The laundry should be dried in the designated areas such as a laundry room, drying room or outside.



During the heating period, no heating in any room is to be turned off completely. The living room and other rooms are to be aired only briefly (10 minutes a day). Cellar and attic windows must be closed if temperatures fall to below freezing point. In apartments with floor heating only suitable carpets are to be installed, otherwise the landlord will not take responsibility for insufficient heating.



The main door of the apartment block is to remain locked after 8pm unless otherwise specified.

Sun blinds and shutters are not to remain extended during wind and heavy rain. Their permanent extension during longer periods is not permitted. Please pull them in when you go out to avoid them becoming damaged.

When barbecuing on balconies or in gardens, tenants are to be considerate towards neighbours. In case of justifiable complaints, the landlord is entitled to prohibit any further barbecuing. For penthouses, the landlord may set up a separate regulation.

Shaking out and beating of containers, covers etc., from windows or balconies is to be avoided as well as the beating of carpets before 7am and after 8pm and during lunch times as well as on Sundays and public holidays. Satellite dishes are only permitted if authorised by the landlord.

Parking is only permitted in on visitor’s spaces for a limited period. Please park your car in its designated spot.