International moving

In Switzerland, you can easily find many international moving companies who offer the transport of household goods from one place to another. In terms of pricing, you may be surprised at how the costs vary. However, if you are planning an international move, you will want to look out for a truly professional company with the necessary experience and knowledge.

International Moving

Because an international move is a personal matter it is all about making choices. Obtain quotations from international moving companies, and make sure that they offer you a professional survey at your residence on site free of charge. Every move tells a different story, and every person will have a different household with valuable items and furniture no matter whether if the value is in terms of cost, or sentimental reasons. Be sure to point out your favourites during the survey, and mention any items that you feel are worth extra care and might require additional or tailored packaging. An experienced international moving surveyor will also inform you about customs regulations in your destination country, and will point out any items that might be difficult or even restricted from the import.

Compare apples with apples

Based on the survey, you should receive a quotation tailored to your needs. Be sure to check the quotation for the specialities discussed during the survey! Also, when you are comparing quotations, pay close attention to the “not included” services. There could be hidden costs for example, the port charges at destination, or the premiums for transport insurance, which can vary substantially from one international moving company to another. Importing The bottom-line price will give you an idea for the budget, but you will definitely want to include the insurance premium for an adequate comparison.