Public Transport

Public transport in Switzerland is extremely efficient and runs very smoothly – everything is timed to meet to perfection. Lots of places can be reached through a network of trains, buses, boats and cable cars. Buses play an important role too – the Swiss “Postbus” links smaller more remote villages with the nearest train station. Swiss railways, the SBB, have a great website which will help you when you plan a journey – this gives you access to timetables of the trains, boats and buses which enables you to plan a journey from Zürich to Rome and shows all of the train changes necessary plus platform details.

Useful public transport apps

– SBB Mobile

– Moovit


– ZVV Fahrplan


Various Abonnements

Children under six years of age travel free. Purchase a junior card or “Juniorkarte” for 6 – 16 year olds who can then travel for free if accompanied by a parent – it costs CHF 30 and lasts for a year. The third child receives his / her card free when you buy cards for the first two kids!

Dogs and cats travel free if you carry them in a basket, otherwise you must purchase a half price ticket for them. You can take your bike on the train, but you have to buy a special ticket for it – ask at the counter.



The SwissPass (launched 01.08.2015) is more than just a Half-Fare travelcard or GA travelcard as it offers you access to partner services from Mobility Carsharing, PubliBike, SwissMobile and in the ski areas. Thanks to the SwissPass you no longer have to think about renewing your travelcard and so you always stay mobile. Your SwissPass Card is valid for several years and will be always renewed on the same card. SBB reminds you of the optional cancellation deadline in good time prior to the automatic travelcard renewal.


GA travelcard (General Abonnement)

With the GA you may use any kind of public transport in Switzerland. This costs for an adult in second class CHF 3860 for one year. Various partner and family price reductions are offered.