Moving to a country one does not know is an exciting experience. Another culture, numerous new habits and a completely unknown environment and language present a huge challenge.

Moving to a foreign country requires a lot of decisions, often even before getting to know the country and its different regions.

« In order to provide you with a solid decision-making basis, we offer personalized orientation tours. We present different residential regions, school options and recreational opportunities. In this manner we try to give you a first personal impression of your possible new residence and the respective distances to the workplace, public transport, schools, shopping facilities and leisure opportunities.

However, our orientation tours are much more than just sightseeing. They invite you to ask questions of any kind and express concerns and fears. Your relocation supervisor listens to you as a neutral party, can empathize with your situation due to extensive experience and provides competent information and tips.


Searching for an apartment is a central part of our service portfolio. Feeling at ease in one’s own walls and in the immediate vicinity is an eminently important step towards integration in the new environment and a gut feeling which just has to be right.

To attain this kind of well-being numerous requirements need to be met. Region, housing standard, proximity to public transport, workplace, schools, city, green spaces and leisure activities. Those needs vary widely and ultimately, the right combination must be found.

« With its geographical and market-specific knowledge our team supports you professionally and caringly in your search for a suitable new home. With a selection of residential properties suiting your requirements and accompanied viewing tours we pursue the finding process for your new home. We leverage our skill and knowledge in the highly competitive real estate market to help you successfully achieve your goal!


Dealing with administrative authorities poses a substantial challenge initially. We support and arrange your registration at the residents’ registration office and opening a bank account. We arrange suitable contacts to ensure sufficient healthcare provision and insurance cover for you.

The physical relocation alone is already a major challenge — settling down, becoming familiar with the local culture and the new environment and getting integrated as quickly as possible is the second big hurdle a relocation entails. Associations, music schools and sports clubs offer good opportunities for integration at the new place of residence. We will gladly offer support in finding the relevant network for you.



For parents, choosing the school their children will attend is an essential decision. The public Swiss school system offers all children free education up to the Swiss high school diploma (Matura). There is also a wide range of foreign language or bilingual private schools and various curriculums to choose from.

« Our professional team knows the Swiss school landscape and advises and supports you in the decision-making process. We determine the current availability of school places and organize individual meetings with principals and guided tours of schools, on which we can accompany you.

« If you are looking for a suitable nursery for children below school age we will also assist you with advice and support. There are no limits to the linguistic and methodical diversity in Switzerland.


You are in Switzerland only for a limited period of time? Or you just want to arrive without obligation and calmly look for the home that suits you best while you are here? We have established an extensive network and are pleased to support you in choosing and booking a suitable accommodation.


We handle work and residence permit applications, extensions and visa requests for all nationalities, reliably and on time.


When your stay in Switzerland is nearing its end, new challenges arise. The apartment lease must be terminated correctly and the apartment must be cleaned and handed over. Maybe a new tenant has to be found. Insurance policies will have to be terminated and administrative procedure will be required.

In order to ensure a correct and timely completion we will also support you with these issues. In this way you can fully concentrate on moving to your new place of residence without worries.